Read the amazing things our clients have to say about us and our salon! All 5 Star reviews from Yelp!

You may ask, “why add these to your website if they are on yelp?” Well, yelp has decided to hide more than 30 of our 5 star reviews because we will not pay for their advertisements. All of these reviews are from actually clients of our salon.


Nancy B.


Last week when my husband and I were out for dinner, a couple of women at the restaurant went out of their way to tell me how great my hair looked. This happens to me constantly. Strangers stop me on the street to compliment my cut. Customers at my store tell me how great my hair looks--even men notice it! Lindsey does a phenomenal job with my short, asymmetric cut, and she's also a great colorist. She adds zing to my grey with candy-colored accents. She's knowledgeable and professional, and she makes me look fabulous.

D. W.


Love this place ! My hair looks amazing and my stylist Grace was awesome. My extensions look killer!

Esmeralda S.


Our stylist , Grace is the best! Love the atmosphere and friendly staff.

Tallulah H.


We took our 7 year old to Rebecca for a cut and to get her first color in her hair ever! Rebecca was so friendly and our daughter is SO happy with her hair. It looks so good. Great experience going in kind of nervous about her first color.. she did a great job!

Rebekah C.


Grace is an absolutely amazing hair stylist! She is the only person who has ever cut my partly wavy partly curly hair perfectly!

Priscilla C.


I adore this place! Rebecca has been my stylist for some time now, and is truly someone who loves her job. The service and quality is something that only come out of a person who has a passion for what they do! I get so many compliments because of what happens when I enter that salon. I recommend this place to everyone!

Christian S.


Grace is absolutely the best! She is a genius at hair and so much fun. Couldn't more highly recommend!

Kayla P.


Never in my life have I ever gone to the same stylist twice because I always found something I didn't like whether it be the haircut the stylist or the location. I've now been going to Becka for a year! She never fails to make me leave super happy about my hair. She's really good about suggesting certain things depending on how my hair is looking and shes also really good at explaining what the things she's suggesting do. I love this place and I love becka. I definitely won't be looking for anyone new!

Krystal C.


Beautiful salon and very talented owners. I am always so happy to go in! I see Krystle but I also got a blow out once from Grace and it was great, too! I've been seeing Krystle for 5 years!!! She's so wonderful. She gave my daughter her first hair cut and straightening too. She makes me feel so pretty!

They have coffee too! Great vibes. Highly recommend. Great on-street parking.

Jayna H.


I have been getting my hair done by Krystle for years and I can't recommend her more. She is fantastic with blond highlights and recently helped me cut my long hair into a stylish lob. I was terrified to take the plunge but she helped me plan out the look and executed it to a T! Krystle is both professional and friendly and her salon is beautiful and clean. It's an overall great experience every time I go in.

Phillipa R.


I love D. Brooke Salon!!! Krystle is an amazing colorist and hair dresser. After years of bad treatment from my previous stylist, Krystle was very honest with me right up front and has totally turned the condition of my hair around. My hair was dry and brittle from bad dye and too much heat styling. Krystle has patiently coaxed me away from flat irons because my hair really just doesn't need them anymore. It's amazing what a difference healthy hair makes.

The salon is very relaxed but has sophisticated decor. And the prices are excellent for the expertise and range of options offered.

Sarah Z.


Check out D. Brooke Salon! I have been going to Krystle for almost a year now and I couldn't be happier with her skills, her professionalism and her superior service. She has done a great job with my cut, color and highlights and is great at recommending what is best for my hair. I always leave the salon happy with the work she has done. If you have the opportunity check out the salon, it has a fun atmosphere, and most definitely ask for Krystle!

Emily S.


My friends have been raving about Krystle and this salon for years. I finally checked it out and won't be going anywhere else from now on. The quality and price cannot be beat!

Sarah S.


I was referred to Krystle by a good friend a few years ago and I have been going to her to get my hair done ever since. She always starts our appointments with a conversation in order to get a full understanding of what I want and she doesn't make me feel rushed or in a hurry like some other salons that will overbook themselves do. Since I am a super picky person about my hair color, I like to bring pictures and she welcomes that. Her salon is a quiet , beautiful, relaxing and clean space, that allows you to destress and relax while your hair is getting done. Overall, she is an incredibly talented stylist and it gives me great peace of mind knowing that every time I see her my hair will look great and I will walk out of the salon happy. I am so happy I found her! Thank you Krystle!!

Tara S.


If you have blonde hair, then you must see Krystal. I started seeing her about 4 years ago and my hair was a disaster when I first approached her for help. She has done a beautiful job with my highlights and my hair is the healthiest it has been in years. She takes her time and always listens to my wants and needs. I am NEVER leaving her! I highly recommend scheduling an appointment if you are looking to get your hair healthy with an amazing color.

Sterling A.


I was referred to Lindsey by my Aunt who has gone to her for many many years. I am to the point where I am fine with bad haircuts, and thankful I'm in good hands from here on out. Very personable and very genuine and well spoken and put together, she is a magician!

Fleur F.


This is the ONLY place I go to get my hair done! Why? So many reasons: first, Krystle is amazing. She does fantastic color and cuts, and she is honest with me if something won't work for me, which I sincerely appreciate! But on the other side of that, Krystle is always down to try new stuff too! And she always has everything there and ready to go for whatever I ask for. Additionally, I love that Krystle is always learning the newest techniques and trends, so she's always current!!

The salon itself is beautiful and they only use high end products. Parking is super easy, which is a major plus!

I highly suggest you check out D Brooke Salon- you won't be disappointed!!!

Brittany H.


My sister and I both got our hair done today at d.brooke salon! Our stylist was Grace Martin and we absolutely love her! She's not only funny and smart but an amazing hair stylist as well! We both love the outcome of our hair! We will never go to anyone else. We will both definitely be coming back because of Grace! Thank you Grace!

Vicky G.


Krystle is the best - she gives me honest and practical advice about my hair. No BS and no push to buy products, just great hair. Krystle is also amazing with color and makes sure I get exactly what I want each time I see her. I always leave feeling great and looking forward to my next appointment!

Alison G.


Krystle is a fantastic and one of the best hair stylists out there! I trust her with my life (yes, hair is that important) and every time I walk in I let her work her magic and am always impressed! Leave your hair in her hands and you will not be disappointed.

Maryanne T.


I recently moved to Denver and I'm so happy to have already found a hair stylist that I love!! I've always struggled with styling my curly hair and Krystle really took the time to talk to me about products and techniques that make styling it easy, and I'm the happiest I've ever been with my hair!! Everyone at this salon is friendly and I highly recommend it!!

Ashley M.


First off.... Grace Martin. She has rocked my world! My color and cut are superb! The level of customer service, and the knowledge she has is amazing, I feel like a princess when I'm there! I always feel like a babe when I'm in her chair...and on my way back up to Boulder-- and YES!! I drive to Denver just to see this sassy thang!! She is so easy, and fun to talk with( and she remembers everything!)-- its kind of like my "therapy" session! She is so spunky, fun and hip-- any hair style or color she will SLAY ! Thank you for making me forever beautiful! I always look forward to my appointment the moment I walk out of D. Brooke Salon! Thanks love! YOU NEED TO SEE GRACE MARTIN-- What are you waiting for?!?!

Tara S.


Krystle has been my hair stylist for a few years now and I couldn't imagine going to anyone else! I even drive from Lone Tree to get my hair done by her! She always makes herself available at a time that works for me and my schedule. She also always makes my hair look stunning when I show up having no clue what I want done. It's hard to find someone you can completely trust to do whatever they want with your hair, but I know when leaving Krystle my hair is going to look beautiful. Oh and the new salon is georgeous...a wonderful place to relax and be pampered. I highly recommend booking an appointment at D. Brooke Salon!

Chris W.


I see Katie W at D Brooke Salon in Golden Triangle. Katie is amazing - I've never been happier with my hair. She always has ideas and suggestions, but also listens to me first. She is professional, does excellent color - but is also fun and I look forward to coming into the salon, which has a hip, clean, stylish and laid back vibe.

Sarah P.


Krystle is the absolute best. She is flexible and I can text her whenever for advice or when I need to come in. She is extremely understanding and really is accommodating to my busy work schedule. I've been getting my hair done by her for 3 years and she recently did my hair for the Nightshine Gala (pic posted in my bio) I received compliments all night!

Amy K.


I knew just who to call when I decided to chop off my hair. I was so excited to see Krystle's new salon, and it is really beautiful! She did an amazing job and I haven't stopped receiving compliments. I had her cut an asymmetrical bob and I normally style it straight, a few days ago I was running late and decided to let it dry naturally curly and it looks AMAZING curly too. Krystle is truly talented and a pleasure to spend time with, you should definitely make your next appointment at D. Brooke Salon!

Katie G.


D. Brooke Salon is new, but Krystle and Lindsay are seasoned pros. I have had Krystle as my hairdresser for several years now, and she never disappoints. The location is convenient and she is super flexible with me, which is important as a young, busy professional. I have always had thin, dry hair and my hair has never been healthier. You can't go wrong with Krystle!

Liz L.


I've been seeing Krystle for a couple of years now, and she is wonderful! She always listens and gives me great suggestions on new styles. My hair was pretty messed up when I started seeing her but under her guidance it is finally back to healthy! Did I mention that she's a genius with color? There's nothing worse than having a color look totally different than what you were hoping for and with Krystle that hasn't happened once. And to top it all off, she's super cool and so nice! The salon is cute and modern and they use Bumble and Bumble products, which I love. A+!

Bethany K.


This is a new salon (and completely gorgeous by the way) that doesn't lack experienced, knowledgeable, on trend stylists. I moved from Chicago to Denver in October 2013 and had gone to the same stylist in Chicago for 10 years. It took me over a year to find Krystle and I haven't looked elsewhere since. Krystle makes me feel like I am her most important client. While I'd like to believe this is true (haha), I know she treats every client this way because she is so invested in her clients' happiness, satisfaction, and confidence (both in her and in the way they look). I have no doubt that D. Brooke Salon will make a name for itself in Denver and will be know for excellence.

Jake H.


This is a beautiful brand new salon, and it's a pleasure to get my haircut here. Krystle is on top of the latest styles, which is a plus for me because I definitely need help in that area, and always makes me look my best. Excited to go back.

Lauren M.


I can't say enough about how amazing this salon is, specifically Krystle. My hair had been butchered (with bleach) after spending 5 years growing it out and I was devastated. I was embarrassed to even leave the house because my hair had been ruined. Enter Krystle. She fit me in 24 hours later and even though we knew it would take a few sessions to correct, she made HUGE progress on her first try, so I felt confident traveling to work meetings. She is quick to make sure you understand what needs to be done and how long it will take. She will accommodate your schedule quickly, even coming in on her days off if she can swing it. I had never been loyal to a stylist before, but now I'm a lifer with Krystle. P.s. they have wine

Stephani G.


If I could give 10 stars to Lindsey Sadler, I would in a heart beat! She is by far, one of the most naturally talented hair stylists around and always goes above and beyond for her clients.

For 15 years and counting, Lindsey continues to deliver exceptional work whether you need a color correction, a set of hair extensions, highlights or a new hair style.

As her previous salon owner, Lindsey was my number one choice for new clients as I was confident in her abilities, personality and professionalism. She has that "eye" for detail, the fashion sense for style and she holds herself to the highest standard.

When she opened D Brooke salon, I knew it would be completely fabulous! The decor is modern and fresh, has an upbeat energy and offers Bumble and Bumble products to keep your hair healthy and beautiful. Lindsey's passion for what she does is evident through her successful career and loyal clientele.

Though she's a busy stylist, she finds the time for new clients. It might take longer to get in, but she's certainly worth the wait! She is one of the very few stylists I know that will not compromise the integrity of your hair. She will tell you the truth about what your hair can handle and what it can't! She cares about her clients and you will always have a good time in her chair!

Go to Lindsey! Your hair will love her!!

Sahar M


First of all I would say that this place definitely deserves 5 stars. I relocated 3 months ago and had very bad experiences with other hairstylist and when I met Grace she was just perfect. First time I had a haircut and I was very pleased and second time she fixed my hair color n I loved it.... what I love about grace that she listens exactly to what I want and do it perfectly beside the fact that she is super nice and friendly.

Renee F.


Just visited here last week. I had an easy scheduling experience via Yelp. The salon is nice and modern, customer service is great. I really enjoyed talking with Krystle and she did a great job on my hair. I plan to return (already have an appt scheduled). And, they utilize/sell bumble products - which I really liked. Thanks for the great experience!

Bethany P.


Grace Martin is the BEST stylist there is! I go to school in Texas and won't let anyone else there or in CO touch my hair! She always knows what's best and is so fun to talk to! She loves her clients and is so intentional with each of us! If you need any other encouragement on how great she is, she just helped HUGE designers at New York Fashion Week and helped with celebs hair!!!

Lizz M.


This is an incredibly accommodating salon. I always love getting my hair cut here! The customer service is top notch, and I like that I can schedule appointments with my same hair stylist, Grace, so easily. Thank you D. Brooke Salon! :)

Alina B.


Grace is the best at what she does! She's not only uber talented but her bright and sunshiney personality is contagious and refreshing. Her color and cuts are amazing and I feel more beautiful every time I leave the salon! She has done everything from a trim to a full on hair adventure from dark dark brown to blonde, to pink, to purple, and now back to natural again. Even when I'm not sure what I want she takes the reigns and comes up with something amazingly perfect. I highly recommend Grace !!!

Holly F.


I've found my new hair gal! Krystle is absolutely amazing... Professional yet personable, thorough, flexible, and really good at what she does. I went in with a somewhat complicated request (cutting off partial dreads, but trying to keep some length), and she cut my hair beautifully; better than I could have ever imagined. And on top of a great hair situation, great location, and super cute shop... I was offered wine! I will absolutely be going back to Krystle from now on.

Julia L.


I highly recommend Grace Martin! She has done an amazing job with balayage and styling my hair. She is a pleasure to talk with... so kind and funny! I look forward to when it's time to get my hair done not only because I know I will leave feeling great about my hair, but because I look forward to seeing Grace! In addition, the ambiance of the salon is relaxing and clean. I refer people here all the time!

Tracy S.


Grace Martin is a miracle worker!! I highly recommend her and receive compliments all the time. She is sweet and very funny.

Meghan M.


I've been going to Krystal for a few years but just recently visited her new location. Her and her business partner Lindsay have done an incredible job. The location us convenient with a great vibe. Both women are very talented and clearly passionate about what they do! My hair is longer and healthier than its been in years. Keep up the good work ladies!

Leslie M.


I had four (four!!!) different people stop me today to compliment my hair, after getting my hair cut by Krystle yesterday. I feel gorgeous, my hair is healthy, and Krystle taught me a few tips for keeping my hair looking good longer between washes. This is a super cute shop, with an awesome vibe and great stylists - check it out!!!